I'm not above "pirating" a good idea.  A "Today Show" segment demonstrated making necklaces from strips of Tee shirts and odds & ends of trim, novelty yarn, and beads.  Since I've been sewing for over 50 years, this was a perfect project to use some of my collection of leftovers from various sewing projects. 
I've created this fun and exotic-looking collection from strips of beaded fringe that I've crocheted together.  
Some of my hardware pieces have been "tortured" with household chemicals which results in unique patterns of patina on the metal.  It's fascinating to see the designs that emerge on sheet copper, brass and bronze I've used in these pieces, many of which are "collaged" with beads, wire and "found objects."
What follows is a "potpourri" of jewelry which doesn't belong to any particular collection.  Something for everyone!


Jewelry is such fun - to wear and to create!  It does not need to serve any purpose other than to delight the eye.  Styles and techniques are endless so the process of creating it need never become boring.  What follows is a "smorgasbord" of my creations.  Later, you'll be able to view "collections" in their entirety.
I am an avid home repair person, and have been increasingly drawn to the beauty of hardware.  Here are some pieces from my "hardware collection" :
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